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Caught in a Storm

Europe’s Security in Peril


Europe By Numbers

Mind the Gap

reid standish

Russian Opportunism

The Kremlin is looking to exploit the transatlantic rift.

kadri liik

Into the Jungle

The United State and Europe are not coordinating their Russia policies. That may be a good thing.

interview with ben rhodes

"Trump Is Hostile to Europe"

The Europeans need to wake up to new realities, argues Barack Obama’s former foreign policy advisor.

steven pifer

Trump's INF Blunder

The White House is playing into Moscow's hands.


annabelle chapman

Rafał Trzaskowski

The new mayor of Warsaw is moderate and pro-European. Should PiS be worried?

Merkel's Long Good-Bye

ben knight

Conservative at Heart

New CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is poised to move Merkel’s party to the right.

julianne smith

A Question of Statecraft

Germany should consider setting up a national security council.


lisa louis

Macron Loses His Shine

The French president is facing his most severe crisis.

milan nič

Double Trouble

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are both in a bad way.

words don’t come easy

derek scally

"Hard Border"

All sides agree: no return of checkpoints and fences to the island of Ireland. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

common currency

mark schieritz

Fault Lines in the Eurozone

It’s not economics that’s troubling the stability of the eurozone, but politics.

china and the world

thomas s. eder

Belt, Road, and Sword

Beijing is seeking to become an international security player.

red herring & black swan

dave keating

Don't Count Your Spitzens before They Hatch

Who will succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as EU Commission president? Not who you think. Perhaps.

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